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Tech Deck Shredline 360 Turntable Set

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- Tech Deck 'X-Connect' Park Creator Series
- Miniature 'Shredline 360° Turntable' Model Set

- 6x Obstacle Plates
- 6x 'X-Connector' Plates
- 1x Spinning Motor
- 6x Foot-Wheel Pieces
- 15x 'X-Connector' Pieces
- 2x Grafitti & Signage Motif - Sticker Sheets
- 1x 'Thank You' Tech Deck Board
- Instructions included

Get ready for some non-stop shredding with the Tech Deck Shredline 360 - the only motorized Tech Deck ramp that allows you to set up different combinations and hit obstacles in an endless loop!

This 20-inch wide park features assorted obstacle plates so you can create the ultimate Tech Deck skatepark! With 3 different speeds to choose from, you can cruise, train your skills, or pick up the spinning action for a challenge!

Skate the park with the included exclusive 'Thank You' deck and add to your growing collection. Combine the Turntable set with other X-Connect compatible ramps to build the ultimate facility for you to shred with your Tech Deck fingerboard collection or Tech Deck BMX (each sold separately).

To become a Tech Deck master, take home the 'Shredline 360° Turntable'! Are you ready to shred?