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Outdoor Roller Skates

These skates have either Outdoor wheels or Hybrid Wheels on them.

Staff Tip: Each wheel is assigned a number which is called a durometer. A durometer tells you how hard your wheel is, which indicates what surface you should skate on.

91 and to 101 are inside wheels.Artistic & Ramp skaters look for a 101 for fast spin 

A hybrid has a number between 89 and 91 and can also be called pusher wheels. Lots of derby girls use them for grip. You can technically skate outside on a hybrid but theroll won't be as smooth for an adult as an outdoor wheel. 

An outdoor wheel usually sits around a 78 which is the softest smoothest roll. You won't feel all the vibrations and if you hit a stone it will absorb it much better than a harder wheel. You can skate inside on outdoor wheels, you will just find your skates a lot stickier on the floor and you will have to work harder to go faster.