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Roll-Line Mustang Wheels 57mm (Freeskating)

ROLL-LINE Mustang Wheels 57mm

Hardness: 97A (blue)

Profile: Small Profile Diámeter: 57mm

Compound: Cast Urethane Bi Compound Formula Medium for Regular Surfaces
These wheels are composed of a 45 mm wheel-hub made of stiff shockproof material and a covering made of polyether polyurethane for high-quality casting. The special Slick finish in this series guarantees greater manoeuvrability and smooth skating.

Roll line wheels come as a complete pack of 8 wheels 

The lower the hardness number, (A) the softer the wheel, the more grip and less roll.

The higher the hardness number, (A) the harder the wheel, the less grip and more roll.

Wheels may be slightly discoloured as the urethane reacts to light and oxygen over time