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Roll-Line Carbon ABEC 7 Bearings 8mm 16pk

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The Roll-Line Carbon Bearings are specifically made for very high level competitive Inline & Roller Skating. Free rolling with minimal radial play which promotes and very evenly distributes the load across the 7 balls for optimal roll and a good amount of axial play or thrust (which is the side movement of the inner race in relation to the outer race). This movement is very important because when skaters push, we always put side load on the skate to get power in the push or stroke. If the bearing does not allow for this, it will bind and lose operating speed or roll. These provisions in the race curvature and contact angle allow the Roll-Line Carbon Bearings to roll very freely.

The Roll-Line Carbon ABEC 7 Bearings represent a good compromise between durability and performance. Shielded on both sides to prevent dirt from altering the level of smoothness, the inner ring separates the self-lubricating spheres.


  • 8mm roller skate bearings
  • Set of 16 bearings
  • Carbon impregnated ball crown cage ring
  • Precision 7 balls
  • Black rubber shield on both sides
  • ABEC 7

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