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Powerslide Phuzion Xenon Arctic 80 Inline Skates

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Powerslide Xenon Arctic 80 Women's Inline Skates. Supportive and breathable, the Xenon with 4x80 frames is the perfect setup for recreational skaters or those looking to build up confidence on wheels. It makes them easy to control, agile and easy to upgrade if/when ready to larger wheeled frames if looking to use for fitness or cross-training. .

Integrated dual-density foam liners (not removable) and Powerknit uppers provide multiple layers of padding for comfort. Support is then added with the help of glass-fiber cuffs and shells. 4x80mm trinity mount frames (removable and adjustable) keep speed manageable and control high. Trinity mounting gives stability by lowering the skate height and incorporating a winged mount under the ball of the foot. The boots are compatible with any trinity mount frame from Powerslide should you want to change wheel configurations later on. Trinity X means that the frames can adjust both laterally and front to back. This is done to correct ankles from wanting to roll to one side or the other (adjust the same direction ankles tend to roll). Height Adjustable Brake System (HABS) let you adjust the pad height to prolong life.