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Pilot F-16 Falcon Plus Adjustable Plate

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Could this be the future of Derby, Air Craft Aluminium plate, cast alloy trucks, plus Bionic Stoppers. 

Features Include

  • Super lightweight plate in high grade aluminium alloy
  • 16 degree King-pins (stability without loosing maneuverability) 
  • Forged Aluminium trucks with steel axles (8mm)
  • Delrin pivot cups
  • Premium urethane cushions
  • Adjustable toe stop, Bionic stopper fitted
  • Includes a set fixing screws and nuts

Pilot plates sizes equal the distance between the axles, that is a size 5.5 plate has a distance 5.5" between each axle. 

Built with the Derby skater in mind, 16 degree king pin angle offers enough manoeuvrability while still retaining stability. This is plate designed and skated by # 3 Atomatrix to great success recently.