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Landyachtz Stratus 46 Watercolour

The same Stratus that you know and love, now pressed in all Canadian maple for a smoother ride and increased durability. It has a snappy flex, a symmetrical shape and big, mellow kicktails for all of your freestyle and dancing needs.

The Stratus 46 is a flexy longboard shape designed specifically for freestyle and longboard dancing. At 45.5" long by 9.25" wide, with griptape only where you need it, this board has plenty of space for all of your cross-stepping needs. The Stratus Watercolour uses an 8 ply Canadian Maple construction to give a nice medium flex feel that returns lots of energy out of each turn but still gives you a confident feeling when landing tricks. The shape has been modified slightly this year to work with the new Grizzly Gen 6 180mm trucks while still having tons of pop. The Stratus rolls on 63mm Fatty Hawgs to keep the complete light and let you run your trucks nice and loose without worrying about wheelbite.


  • Length: 45.5
  • Width: 9.25
  • Wheelbase: 27.5-29.5


  • 100% Candian Maple: Canadian Maple is a strong and proven material used in the world;s best skateboards. We source only the finest veneers found in Eastern Canada.
  • CNC Wheel Wells: Wheel wells reduce the risk of wheel-bite by increasing the gap between wheels and deck, Sanded or CNC'd wheel wells both allow for larger wheels or looser trucks, if desired.
  • Kicktail: Take your skating into the third dimension with a kicktail. We design our kicktails to work perfectly with each deck shape as well as with the truck and wheel setup on each complete.
  • Low Cave: Mellow concave that barely feels like it's there, but designed to give you the control you need, when you need it.
  • Multi wheelbase: Precisely dial in your ride with multiple mounting options for your trucks.
  • Symmetrical: Go both ways with symmetrical board design. Generally found in freeride and downhill decks, these boards allow the rider to skate both regular and switch without changing up their stance.
  • Artist: Landyachtz Original Art