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Independent Spare Parts Kit

The Independent Spare Parts Kit is a must have for any skate trip / tour van / skate bag. This durable plastic military style tackle box is stashed full of ultra handy spare parts to keep you shredding and not having to beg for a spare bearing, axle nut or bolt.  
  • 2x Bearings
  • 1x Set of 7/8” Black Bolts / Nuts
  • 1x Set Assorted 7/8” Silver, Gold, Red Bolts / Nuts
  • 2x Pivot Cups
  • 1x set 88a Red Cushions
  • 1x set 90a Orange Cushions
  • 2x Top Cup Washers
  • 2x Bottom Cup Washers
  • 4x Bearing Spacers
  • 8x SpeedRings
  • 4x Axle Nuts
  • 2x Kingpin Nuts