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GROUND CONTROL Featherlite 3 Frame

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The FLT-3 combines the metal axle spacers of the FLT-1 with the unmatched grinding feel, lightweight and strength of the FLT-2 frame. Even with the axle bolts tightened all the way the wheels are still spinning freely and everyone on our team was blown away what a difference it makes and how much faster these frames are.

To test the frames the European GC team went on a trip to Barcelona to give the FLT-3 frames a good beating.

Boot recommendation:

  • Size 1: US6-7
  • Size 2: US8-9
  • Size 3: US10-13

Please note: Some older model skates may have come with a different size frame as per the above recommendation. It is always best to check what size frame your customer has and if being replaced to match the size correctly. Most commonly the frame size can be found indented under where the font/back wheels sit.