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Grindstone Heartstopper Lil Toe Stops - Black Metal

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Heartstopper Lil Toe Stops

Adjustable pink heart shaped mini toe stops brought to you by Grindstone Skate

These teenie weenie inbetweenies are small like a jam plug but thick like a toe stop. Made from the same higher quality rubber as Heartstopper Deadstops, you can wear these bbs at the skatepark, in the street, and on ramps. The gradual wear of Heartstopper Lils will be able to ease you in to the world of jam plugs or taking your toe stops out completely!

Specs: Standard screw in stem with a 5/8" thread and 17mm length.

Compatibility: Will not work with skates/plates with a bolt on toe stop or metric equipment.

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