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Globe G2 Ramones Complete 8.25" Road to Ruin

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G2 Ramones
Featured art and aesthetic details on the best complete money can buy.


  • 8.25" x 32" x 14.25"WB
  • Resin-7 hard rock maple
  • 5.5" Tensor Alloy Trucks
  • 53mm Conical 101a wheels
  • Split black griptape
  • Full concave

Few musicians can boast as great an impact on the cultural landscape as the Ramones. Touted as one of the first true punk bands, the influence of this iconic four piece cannot be understated – their fast no bullshit sound laid the groundwork for the countless bands and genres that followed.

This collaboration has a very special meaning to us personally. Well before founding Globe, as teenagers in the underground skate scene in the suburbs of Australia, the Ramones were the musical epitome of everything we identified with and were looking to define. Their vinyl was only available on import and was the most coveted acquisition. We would skate all day and listen to their records all night. When they finally made it to tour Australia we followed the tour and attended every gig and found a whole new dimension to their music when we saw them play live. We were in awe of their boundary breaking attitudes and tried to bring that to our skateboarding.
- Peter and Stephen Hill (Globe co-founders)