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FR Junior Inline Skate - Black

FR FRJ, a Freeride Skate for kids and it's awesome! This is the skate for that junior that can already skate and wants a performance-orientated skate that will adjust.

Size adjustment is really simple, thanks to the removable 3 in 1 insole so boot integrity isn't compromised by a two-piece design to achieve size adjustability.

The FRJ Junior is extremely tough and easy to skate so kids can learn even faster.

Features Include;

  • Boots (32-39): Plastic shell, HDS, Abrasive pad.
  • Closing: Safety lock buckle, Power strap, laces
  • Frames: FR X2R frames black, 231mm
  • Wheels: Street King Jr Wheels 76mm/84A
  • Bearings: MW7
  • Size: Small US1-3, Medium US3-5, Large US5-7
  • Brake: Brake in the box.
  • Blue and Pink bumper and lace supplied in the box.

The perfect skate for Juniors interested in Freestyle, Street Hockey or just skating for fun, this is as close to an adult skate as a junior skate can get!