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Ennui ST wrist guard

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A classic, reliable wristguard just got better. Combining modern features, with a trusted design, and a style that can’t be beaten - there’s a lot to love about the ENNUI ST Wristguard. When you’re inline skating or enjoying your favorite action sport, forward falls are common. To protect you from wrist injuries, the ENNUI ST Wristguard incorporates a durable plastic splint on the lower palm and wrist area. Skate long and skate hard all day long, the wristguard includes a breathable CoolMax lining to promote ventilation and help keep your temperature down when you’re enjoying an intense skate session on a hot day. And for the perfect fit every time, this impressive wristguard has a mesh body. Reliable, all-around wrist protection at an unbeatable price, it’s the ST Wristguard ENNUI. This reliable and protective wristguard is recommended for inline skating, skateboarding, and most action sports