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Ennui City Brace III Wrist Guard

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The ENNUI City Wrist Brace delivers the ultimate protection for inline skating, skateboarding, and other action sports. Working with orthopedic specialists, the protector is based on medical arm braces so your wrist is kept in an optimal position to prevent sprains and other wrist injuries. And to disperse the force of impacts and offer even further protection, this impressive wrist brace incorporates palm and rear splints, both made of aluminum, so they’re lightweight but also incredibly strong. Only using the best materials available, the ENNUI City wrist brace includes an SBR sleeve with ample padding and real leather so it will stand up to the most intense skate sessions. Ideal for derby skaters, the wristguard also has a reliable velcro closure system to ensure the brace stays in place. Versatile, reliable protection for inline skating and virtually all your favorite action sports - it’s the ENNUI City Wrist Brace.