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Endless Arc Frame - 165/180

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Endless Arc Frame - 165/180 Mount

for sizes EU 39 - EU 43

Multiple setups: 
80 or 84mm outer wheels + 3x76mm inner wheels

The Endless Arc 165 5-Wheel Frames are precision machined for 5-wheel blading fun with multiple configuration options. They hold a max configuration of 84mm wheels on each end with 3x76mm wheels in the middle. If you size down a little bit to 80mm wheels on both ends, it allows the rocker-able axles to be used to their fullest potential. The extra pivot point (middle wheel) allows for an advanced wheel rocker and they are extremely stable, but still highly maneuverable. Endless recommends using wheels with the same profile for the best results.

Mounting: 165/180mm
Max Wheel Configuration: 2x84(outer) & 3x76(inner)
Higher performing alternative to 5x76 options
For the best experience do NOT mix round and bullet wheel profiles.
Recommended for boot sizes 39-43
For size 38 and below we recommend Arc CS
For size 44 and above we recommend the longer ES version of this frame
Frame Length: 11.92" (303mm)
Wheelbase: 316 mm
Material: CNC Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum
Weight = 368 grams, without spacers and axles
Hardware included: 8mm Axles (4mm Hex)

The frames come with a set of (6) 8mm single-sided axles and (4) two-piece rocker-able axles that will work on the ends of each frame. The frames themselves are very durable and will feel precise in CNC-machined 6061-T6 Aluminum. They have longitudinal mounting slots so that you can get the perfect front-back frame alignment in 165 and 180mm mounting.

To center them onto FR, Seba, and Micro MT Plus boots Endless recommends that you push the frame forward so that the bolt sits toward the rear of the slot. With Rollerblade or Adapt boots, they recommend pushing the frame backward so that the bolt sits near the center of the slot. With skates that have 7-hole mounting capabilities like the FR1, 2, and 3 the longitudinal mounting slots will be even laterally adjustable.

165, UFS, and Trinity Frame Comparison

What's the difference between 165/180, UFS, and Trinity frames?

There are three primary mounting standards when it comes to inline skate boots used for all types of skating other than speed skating. It's important to know which mounting interface your boot has so that you can choose the correct Endless frame. These three mounting types are not interchangeable with one another. In other words you cannot fit a Trinity frame to a UFS boot, nor can you fit a UFS frame to a 165 raised heel boot.