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DIY Pivot Cups Kit

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Vintage Skates? Changed your trucks? Fitted a grind block and now you need pivot cups that just don't exist?

The ultimate problem solver!

Skate Society DIY Pivots Cups Kit

Super easy to do at home and super forgiving if you mess up, as the high quality SuperMorph can be reheated and remolded multiple times!


  1. Place hot water - at least 62°C - in a bowl. A glass bowl is best as you can see the pellets clearly.
  2. Wait for the pellets to melt.
  3. Use a fork to stir the melted pellets together.
  4. Carefully remove the polymorph using a fork. Give it a shake to remove most of the water.
  5. Create your new pivot cups.

Polymorph vs. SuperMorph
We discovered the hard way that not all polymorph is the same. Cheap polymorph has a short shelf life and finished projects break down quickly. When you melt some brands, the result is sticky mess that is impossible to manipulate. Our polymorph is super easy to use, super fast to melt, super pliable, super safe  and super versatile, it's SuperMorph™.

Skate Society DIY Pivots Cups Kit:

  • A generous 25grams - enough for up to 6 pivot cups
  • Detailed Instructions