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Dead Anti Rocker Wheels 45mm 100a

Dead 45mm / 100A Anti Rocker Wheels are designed to place in the middle of your frames helping to slide on grinds, and preventing "wheel bite". This is perfect if you're learning or need security when you skate. Dead Wheels, started by Adam Johnson, Alex Broskow with David Sizemore joining the ranks later, have some serious kudos.  Designed by one of rollerblading's best-kept secrets Kyle Sola (responsible for Sola Frames), an engineer who seems to be designing all of the most talked about products, these come with a stamp of quality hard to find elsewhere. If you believe that then you'll believe that your wheels are dead.

Do Dead 45mm / 100A Anti Rocker Wheels stop you sticking on grinds?
Yes. Though you'll need to wax the obstacle too, these grind wheels will stop you from sticking (as opposed to full-sized polyurethane wheels) and get you sliding.

Why are Dead 45mm / 100A Anti Rocker Wheels so small?
These are designed to be the middle wheels in your UFS frames and are not meant to roll on the floor. They are to stop friction when grinding and need to be smaller allowing the skate to sit on an obstacle when performing tricks.

  • Sold in sets of 4
  • 45mm
  • 100a