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Crazy Toe Stops Bounce

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The Bounce was first released in 2013 initially to provide Roller Derby Jammers with the ability to run on their toe stops without the jarring impact of harder stoppers.

The introduction of such a high rebound compound meant that not only was the running feeling much more natural and comfortable, the bounce compound acted like springs - propelling the skater faster and with more power, through and around obstacles.

This has since seen the Bounce adopted by other skating disciplines where this energy recoil was a distinct performance advantage in competition.

Artistic skaters were jumping higher, roller hockey skaters were accelerating faster and rapid spinning movements were made possible by it's hemispherical bottom surface.

As with the Big Bloc, Crazy's natural rubber compound proved to be not only effective, but also extremely durable.

Made in natural (gum) coloured rubber, this compound is non marking and suitable for all skating surfaces.

 Available in:

  • US Thread - Black Stem
  • EU Thread - Silver Stem


  • World Famous for Performance, Stability and Longevity
  • Large Flat Bottom, for Fast Stopping and Ultimate Stability
  • Non Marking, Long Lasting Natural Rubber Compound
  • Great Grip on Slippery Surfaces
  • Perfectly Suited to the Modern Roller Derby Game
  • Recognised as the Longest Lasting Toe Stop in the Industry