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Crazy Klip Klop Adjustable Roller Skates Trolls Poppy (J11-1)

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Crazy Skates have teamed up with Dreamworks to bring the newest and most exciting skates to the world. The official “Trolls World Tour Klip-Klop skates are the best foundation to learn roller skating for first-time skaters with little feet. Not only are these skates 4 size adjustable for growing feet (J11-1), but they are painstakingly designed to give the easiest learning experience for young skaters.

This patented design provides ultimate stability and support for children who are learning to skate by paying attention to these 10 important details:

1 . Lowering the centre of gravity by placing the wheels beside the skate, rather than underneath it. This means that your child is more stable, less likely to fall, and has less pressure on their developing ankles and knees when compared to traditional skate designs. [This skate is 2X lower to the ground than a comparable sized Roller Skate or Inline skate]

2. Supportive ankle cuff keeps the ankles in a reinforced position, creating a stable standing position and easy control of the skate. 

3. The lightweight design is easier for very small children to maneuver than traditional skate designs.

4. Two easy to operate ratchet straps make for a secure and supportive fit on each foot, creating a comfortable yet secure connection between foot and skate. The skate becomes an extension of the leg in a way that feels more natural. 

5. Enclosed wheel frames help to stop “wheel clipping” which can be a significant source of new skaters falling.

6. Lengthened wheelbase increases the stability of the skater.

7. Thin profile wheels are less susceptible to getting caught on debris. 

8. Fully enclosed nylon boot with padded liner keeps feet comfortable, whilst protecting feet and toes from impacts.

9. High grip, poured urethane wheels are the best possible material to help children maintain grip with the floor on a multitude of surfaces, from indoor roller rinks, floors at home, at the park or on the driveway. Less slips and slides, more happy skating.

10. Reduced weight rear wheels have a hollowed core design, giving you all the benefits of large wheels, with a greatly reduced weight for effortless skate control.

Each skate features a front facing toe stop on each foot, in the most natural place for new skaters. This makes starting and stopping a more simple skill to learn.

The size adjustment feature of this skate allows the skate to expand as your child grows. Simply fold down and twist the small key at the back of the skate to extend the toe section of the skate forward across a range of 4 sizes. This means many more years of skating, less money spent on new skates and less time getting used to a different set of new skates. 
It also makes this skate the ideal surprise gift - as it’s very easy to choose the correct size!

This skate is colourful, and themed up to match the two Trolls Characters Poppy and Queen Barb. The Poppy skate features glitter within the nylon of the skate boot and a rainbow glitter boot collar. Both characters' skates have colour matched Pom Poms, custom decals and the Character faces with real Troll hair on the tongue.  

This skate is the best possible start to many happy years of creating great skating memories that last a lifetime.

Size Small - J11-1 (Adjusts from 18.6cm - 21cm)