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Crazy Glitz Roller Skates Pearl

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The Glitz is a serious skate
 - with dazzlingly beautiful sequin features on the sides of the boots. Built in a classic style, the Glitz is far from your traditional roller skate - it comes packed full of great skating features to make skating more comfortable, more controlled and more glamourous than ever before! Customise the colour and pattern of your Glitz skates with a wave of your hand to make these skates truly as individual as you are!

SCULPTED HIGH BOOTS WITH TWO TONED SEQUIN PANELS - Ultimate comfort and Ultimate Style! The Sequin finish has two tone panels that you can swipe with your hand to create different coloured custom designs.

62MM FULL SIZE OUTDOOR 78A WHEELS - Perfect for outdoor skating and compatible with indoor, road and rink skating.

NON MARKING GLITTER URETHANE STOPPERS - Long lasting and fast stopping for total control of your skating adventures.

CAST ALLOY SKATE PLATE WITH METAL TRUCKS - Strong and dependable plates that are also lightweight with great performance

NEOPRENE BACKED TONGUE FOR ULTIMATE COMFORT - Form fitting and lightly padded, this tongue hugs the top of your foot comfortably without adding bulky and hot padding.

FORM FITTED BOOTS OFFER MORE COMFORT THAN TRADITIONAL RIGID STYLES - Crazy’s long history of making great boots has given us a long time to learn the way to make the strongest yet most comfortable boots possible. Short of a suede leather boot, this boot is our most comfortable yet!

PREMIUM URETHANE BUSHINGS OFFER SUPERIOR TURNING - Like a suspension system and steering system in one, urethane bushings give you that smooth floating feeling when you skate and turn. (Some skate companies cheap out with hard plastic bushings - b!)

COLOUR MATCHED GLITTER WOVEN LACES AND EYELETS - Why accept anything less than a totally custom, totally colour matched skate setup. Even the smallest lace details and eye hooks have been meticulously colour matched by our design team to give you head turning style every time you skate.

SIGNATURE GLITZ HEEL BROOCH - This oversized all-metal heel brooch completes the piece of art that is your skates

ABEC 7 CHROME STEEL BEARINGS - Fast and long lasting bearings with a low viscosity lubricant to keep sand, grit, dust and water from getting into your bearings.