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Bont Super B Derby Boot

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Taking inspiration in both colour and name from Inze Bont's 1980s "Super Bont" boot, this fully redesigned beast offers unparalleled performance, control, and support.

Learning from their Quad-Star advantages, this boot is higher cut than the previous Vaypor boot or current Hybrid boots.

Bont boots are always extremely light and incredibly heat-mouldable - this is true of the new Super B. What's new is the longevity offered by this boot, with the tough built-in toe bumper also providing plenty of toe protection.

  • Boot Base Carbon Fibre
  • Outer Skin Australian Leather
  • Boot Liner Deer Skin
  • Boot Height Standard
  • Heel Rise 6mm
  • Innersole EVA thermo-moldable
  • Heat Mouldable Fully Mouldable Base Utilising Epoxy Thermoset Resin
  • Padding Memory Foam
  • Size Options US1 - US12.5

Get excited, derby world!

Bont Quad Size Chart

This size chart shows the exact last size. As a basic rule, most skaters like their boots to be 3-4mm longer than the last. This allows for your feet to grow in length when the boots are tightened. If you like your boots super tight, then just add 1-2mm but be warned, your toes will touch the end and possibly be scrunched. We have also added a width measurement so you can check if your feet are too narrow or wide for the standard boot. If they are, then you should order our narrow or wide boots.

Here are some examples of mm sizes and the boot size that we would recommend:
253mm + 4mm you should order size 6.5
258mm + 4mm you should order size 7
273mm + 4mm you should order size 9
291mm + 4mm you should order size 11