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Bont Shimmer Skate Laces 8mm - 79"

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Bont Shimmer laces are flat, 8mm wide and come in 79", 96" and 108" lengths to suit all types of roller skates. Available in 11 eye-catching glittery colours, these laces are a must-have accessory for your next skate setup. The metallic fibres are made of high-quality metallic polyester with durable plastic tips for easy lacing. Suitable for Roller Derby Skates, Roller Skates, Hockey Skates, Inline Speed Skates, Boots, Skates, and Regular Shoes. Sold as a pair and an ideal gift for any occasion. Spark up the conversation with Bont Shimmer laces! 

A wider lace prevents lace bite which is where the lace digs into your foot. Bont boot tongues are padding but this is not the case with all boots so you may want to check if your boots have padding in the tongue before ordering 6mm laces. 6mm skate laces are used on figure skates and outdoor recreational skates including girls' and women’s skates. 8mm skate laces are usually preferred on ice hockey skates, roller derby skates, inline speed skates, and men’s skates. There is no set rule, you may prefer 6mm over 8mm or vice versa. 

Add some spark to your skating with Bont Shimmer laces!

Length: 200cm/79"

Width: 8mm 

Sold as One Pair: 2 Laces

WARNING: Due to the nature of the dyed metallic threads, these laces may leave marks during contact on clothing and footwear.