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Bont Red Magic Hardcore Wheel 125mm

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Red Magic uses very different technology to overcome the demands skaters put on their wheels.

125mm wheels are a lot larger diameter than 110mm wheels and they have a lot more stress on them. To avoid hub flexing issues, Bont decided that their 125mm wheels needed a stronger hub so they opted for 6061 aircraft grade aluminium. The result is WOW!
Bont's testers said, “The fastest wheel the world has ever seen, by far.”

Thanks to the much stiffer hub, these skate a bit harder than the nylon-hub Red Magics.

If you're used to skating an XF wheel, choose the Hardcore in Firm.
If you're used to skating an XXF wheel, choose the Hardcore in XFirm.

  • Sold without bearings.
  • Price is per wheel.