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Bont JESA 608 Ceramic Bearings

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Bont 608 Swiss Ceramic bearings are back into stock and but better than ever!

In collaboration with JESA, one of Switzerland's best specialty bearing manufacturers, Bont have created their best Ceramic bearing ever. Compared to the finest steel ball bearings, Bont Ceramics are lighter, have better durability and are more precisely round which combined, results in faster speeds for the same effort. 

Made in Switzerland, Bont ceramic bearings have incredibly precise balls and lightweight plastic cages which produces less friction and drag. Harder than steel bearings, they last longer with a minimised risk of bearing seizure. The ceramic balls also generate less heat and offer considerable weight benefits. 

Under load, bearings flex reducing your speed. Bont Ceramic bearings outer race are made with high-grade steel to limit the bearings flex while you skate. The inner race is polished in both directions which is an extra step that we take while making the bearings to maximise speed.  

  • Bearing Type: 608 
  • Dimension: 8x22x7 mm
  • Protection: 1-Z Shield
  • Cage: TN9-plastic cage 
  • Quality: Swiss
  • Ball Complement: 7 pieces
  • Ball Material: Ceramic
  • Shields: Easily to remove for cleaning

The less energy spent making the bearing roll, the more energy converted into speed. Invest in Bont Ceramics bearings today!

Pack of 16 pieces.