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Bont Inline Skate Bearing Press

The 125mm Inline Skate Wheel Bearing Press is recommended for any skater who frequently changes bearings. One end serves to press bearings into your skate wheels, while the opposite end allows for easy bearing removal. This inline bearing press can also be used for scooter wheels and roller skate wheels. 

Getting bearings in and out of wheels that use aluminum hubs is not easy, so Bont has developed a larger bearing press that is designed for 100mm, 110mm, and 125mm inline skate wheels. This skate bearing press makes it easy to insert and remove 608 and 688 bearings from your inline skate or scooter wheel.

Use: Inline, Scooter or Quad wheels. Maximum diameter 125mm
Material: 6061 aluminum and steel
Bearing size: 8mm bearings

This bearing press can be used with any brand of inline skate wheels. Save time and effort by using this 125mm inline skate wheel bearing press.