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ABEC 11 Reflex Barrel Bushing - Each

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Made from the same high-rebound Reflex Formula urethane as the world’s best wheels. With conical and barrel shapes and eight different durometers you can totally dial in your trucks. Feel the difference with our Reflex Formula and never go back to the cheaper stock bushings again.

74a to 83a is recommended for: Very light riders and those who want a very loose or carving set-up.
86a to 89a is recommended for: Light riders or average weight riders who want a loose to medium set-up.
89a to 92a is recommended for: Average weight riders or light riders who want a tight set-up.
92a to 95a is recommended for: Heavy riders or average riders who want a tight set-up.

.550 Barrel are recommended where a mixture of good lean but barrel shape bushing stability is wanted (freeriding/DH).  Will fit most, if not all standard RKP (Randal/Paris/Blackstar) and Board side for most street trucks (Attack/Paris/indy) 

.650 Barrel are recommended for trucks that need a taller bushing than standard boardside where the rider wants a more stable setup (freeride/DH)

.750 Barrel are recommended for Liquid, Fyre and Ronin trucks, also fit Bennetts and Blackstar