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Penny Trucks 3" Hanger Raw 4pk

These Penny trucks are wider than your normal roller skate trucks and are a popular choice amongst park roller skaters.

Having wider trucks enables you to do different types of grinds, gives you more stability and means you can land on the coping sideways.

If you are unsure about the compatibility of these trucks with your plate, please email us on hello@skatesociety.com.au before purchasing.


  • High quality aluminium construction with raw finish
  • Truck Width / Axle Tip to Axle Tip: 15cm
  • Grinding Surface: 7.9cm
  • 8mm Axle Nuts


  • 4x aluminium hangers
  • 8x axle nuts
  • 16x axle washers


  • Hangers are sold as a full set of 4
  • Base plates are not included