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Indoor Roller Skate Wheels

Here you will find a great selection of indoor wheels. In case you are wondering what all those numbers mean, here is a brief explanation below.

The 59mm or 62mm is the height, the second number 38mm is the width. The number on the wheel colour means the following;

78A - 84A: Hybrid or Outdoor wheels which provide a lot of grip, but aren't very fast.
86A - 91A: Softer Indoor wheels with more grip on slippery or dirty surfaces.
92A - 94A: Medium Indoor wheels with a balance of grip and speed for quality surfaces.
95A - 97A: Harder Indoor wheels for speed on grippy surfaces and artistic skating
98A - 101A: Great for ramp, trick skating and artistic skating 

If you would like to know about pusher wheel set-ups, check out this article.