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District Scooters: The Leading Lightweight Scooter Brand

A legendary team

Many of the greatest and most well-known pro scooter riders are, or have been, involved with developing and testing District scooters. Their current team has some of the legends on it, including Rory Coe and Coedie Donovan. Coedie is known for being one of the innovators in the sport, so it is only fitting that he rides for one of the most innovative companies in the industry.

The first company to focus on pro scooter parts

Until District scooters came along in 2007, there were no professional production companies developing parts for pro scooters. At the time, the only scooter parts available were for the “toy” scooters (the ones with folding bars and plastic cored wheels). District (now part of the FSP Group) was the first to address this huge need in the rapidly-growing scootering world.

District revolutionized the sport

In 2008 District began prototyping aluminum scooter parts, and then went on to revolutionize the industry with their featherweight complete scooters. Today District scooters are the leading lightweight scooters on the market.

A full range of scooter parts

District makes completes as well as decks, forks, bars, clamps, pegs, headsets, grips, and more. District decks are known for being one of the least expensive professional-level decks on the market. They offer multiple versions, including the V2I, which is one of the longer decks out there for taller riders.

Designed and made in-house

Unlike many other brands, the FSP Group produces nearly all of their District scooter products themselves. All of District’s products are designed at their headquarters in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and then most are manufactured at their own factory, which is located in China. By having their own factory they are able to completely control the quality and live up to their mission of forever improving the art and sport of freestyle scooter riding.

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