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How to change your grip tape

August 04, 2017 3 min read

How to change your Skateboard Grip Tape

Grip tape

1. Remove trucks

Remove the trucks on your skateboard with your skate tool. Make sure you put all your nuts and bolts to one side so you do not loose them.

2. Apply Heat

Use a hair dryer to melt the grip tape adhesive, by holding the dryer over the grip tape until warm. This allows the tape to removed in a big piece. Start at the edge of the nose or tail of the board and heat up until you can fit a blade in between the deck and grip tape.

3. Time to Peel

To remove the grip tape use a wide flat razor blade so that you can get underneath the grip tape. Be careful about the angle you have the blade so you don't damage your board. Cut the edges while heating up the grip tape. Do not force the blade as it might rip the tape, keep the heat on it to remove the tape.

4. Keep Peeling

Once the edges of the grip tape have been peeled off heat up the rest of the grip tape to make all of the adhesive loose. Once loose use your hand to remove the grip tape slowly. Apply heat whenever needed.

5. Tidy Up

Take your razor blade and gently scrape away any bits of grip tape or chunks left from the grip tape, don’t worry about any of the sticky adhesive left from the grip tape as you can just put your new grip tape over it

6. Place

Peel off the covering to the new grip tapes adhesive & hold the grip tape at the centre of each short end. Hold the tape above the deck & centre it. Find the nose and tail of the board with your middle finger while holding the grip tape so you can hold it steady stick one short end of the grip tape to the nose or tail.

7.  Press

Hold the end of the grip tape that isn't stuck to the board up in the air at an angle. Press along the board starting from the end thats stuck to the board keeping that angle so that all the air gets pushed out the side of the deck that's furthest from you. Make sure you don’t get air pockets.

8. Scoring

if you have a skate tool flip it upside down and press the allen key around the edges of the board to mark out the line of where to cut so that you can easily go along with a blade afterwards if you don't have an allen key you can just use the blunt side of something metal. if you have trouble scoring around the nose or tail you can just make a cut from the edge of the grip tape to the edge of the deck and continue.

9. Trim 

Take a razor blade and use the line that you marked out with the allen key. Go along the edge of the board cutting from underneath the deck and placing your finger in a place where you're touching the back of the blade and the edge of the board so you can keep the blade steady.

10. Sand

Grab a corner of the excess grip tape you trimmed off, fold it in half so it doesn't stick to your hand and use that to sand around the edges of the board and grip tape to make the edges smooth.

11. Trucks

Take your allen key and poke a hole from the underside of the board through the truck holes into the grip tape. Use a razor blade to cut around the holes for the bolts Then slide your bolts through, sand if necessary and put back on your trucks.