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March 19, 2016 2 min read

Answers to frequently asked questions from first time ramp skates.

Can I use my quads?

You can use your existing quads on the ramp. Be prepared if your skates are the cheaper kind, ramp skating can wear out your skates very quickly. You can modify your skates with agrinding block underneath for sliding along rails. You will also need a strong plate like theAdvanti orAvenger

What Wheels do I need?

At first thought most people think they should be using their outdoor wheels when ramp skating as they are skating outside right?! Wrong. Outdoor wheels are no good for ramp skating and can slow you down on the ramp when you need speed. I met a girl online who said her friend broke her arm from using outdoor wheels.

So what kind of wheels should you be using? The harder the better, ideally a 101. I can also recommend theAdonis wheels as they are only 50mm and closer to the ramp. Being closer to the ramp gives you lots of confidence.

Here are a few recommendations

So as discussed above you can get a grind block mounted to your existing skates or you can custom build your ramp skates.

Custom Builds

Many skaters build their ramp skates using cool trainers or shoes like vans. If this interests you make sure you choose a sturdy preferably leather boot and make sure it has a supportive sole. 

Custom Agressive Quad Skate Setup

If you would like to order you own set of custom skates, please contact us today to arrange.