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Sure Grip Roll out 95a Narrow Red

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Sure-Grip Rollout 62 x 38 and 59 x 38 Red 95a Wheels 4Pk:

Rollout wheels are made from the freshest ingredients produced here in Southern California. Ninja cut at 62mm x 38mm and 59mm x 38mm, these wheels feature a unique urethane compound that is only available from Sure-Grip.

We have pioneered a specific pouring process that has eliminated inconsistencies in the quality of each wheel produced. This same process is used in manufacturing our other high end wheels.

We also use a glass filled, hollow nylon core that is stronger, and more durable, than a traditional core. This provides the skater a much more consistent feel.

Our new core features a unique bonding agent where the urethane actually bonds, at a molecular level, to the core itself…another feature only available from Sure Grip.

Using this latest technology, we have developed the most cutting edge corded wheel on the market giving the skater unsurpassed durability, feel, and confidence, on any surface.

Jammer Roll – Red – 95A
Hard and fast for sticky surfaces.