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Adonis Wheels-50mm/36mm/92a Green 4pack


The 92A hardness wheels offer all the benefits ADONIS wheels are known for. The 92A hardness is ideal for polished concrete and wooden floors.


Dimensions & Weight:

  • 50mm x 36mm - 56g

Looking into rolling on some ADONIS skate wheels? You are already headed in the right direction to dramatically improve your skating skills and abilities. ADONIS skate wheels offer significant improvements over traditional roller skate wheels which are exclusive to our brand. The design team at ADONIS skate wheels has transferred over their knowledge and experience from the automotive racing industry to the roller skate industry. With cutting edge thinking and innovative design principles, ADONIS is bringing fresh ideas and substantial improvements never before seen into the world of roller skate wheels.

ADONIS Technology


Wheels have stayed the same for long enough. Using engineering philosophy and practices transferred over from race car design, the skaters behind ADONIS are now employing a decade of experience within the high performance car industry to offer design technology to match the times. ADONIS has taken roller skate wheels to a new level, changing the way wheels are designed.


ADONIS skate wheels are now offering designs and concepts never implemented before. What seems like a simple idea can revolutionize the way a wheel fits, rolls and wears.


Low Profile Micro-wheels ADONIS is doing what no other wheel manufacturer has done. ADONIS skate wheels are smaller than traditional skate wheels, offering many benefits. The lower profile gets you closer to the ground giving you more stable agility on your skates. Better agility is good for all aspects of skating from Derby to Rhythm. Getting low is critical for keeping you on your feet!


Reduced Weight Another benefit of the ADONIS low profile design is reduced weight. ADONIS skate wheels are the lightest "Hub'd" wheel on the market! Reducing the overall mass of your skates will help increase your response, recovery and give you an overall better skating experience!


ADONIS P-LET™ All ADONIS skate wheels come with our Precision Load Equalizing Technology, "P-LET" that fits between your bearings. This simple yet crucial component allows the user to fully tighten their wheels until all play is eliminated which reduces wheel rattle as well as uneven bearing wear. The most critical benefit of "P-LET" technology is the equal distribution of load to both bearings reducing an uneven and undesirable pressure concentration on each individual bearing that occurs when you turn. So what does this mean? "P-LET" allows you to roll faster through the corners!



Air-Glide Certified™ All ADONIS wheels are Air-Glide Certified. Featuring a patent pending manufacturing process that guarantees trueness of your wheels to .002" for optimal smoothness. If your wheels aren't Air-Glide Certified™ you're not rolling as smoothly as you could be! Find out more here.


Skate wheel technology has been stagnant for far too long. The skaters who help design wheels for ADONIS have been looking for a change for quite some time. Knowing that actual skaters develop these wheels will ensure your satisfaction for what ever type of skating you prefer!

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