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Skateboard Lessons - Beginner & Level 1

This skateboard class is for the beginner, you will learn how to use your skateboard, basic tricks and how to start on small ramps. Level 1 will teach you correct stance, how to position your feet, picking up the board, moving in a straight line, turning left and right, transitioning from pushing to riding, stopping, carve turn, kick turn, hill start up and down and an Ollie.

There are no casual bookings. Skaters are welcome to start half way through at term and the booking system will calculate the price according to the number of weeks left. We are happy to set up a weekly direct debit arrangement from your credit card if you contact us directly to discuss.

Classes will only take up to 10 students so get in quick.

What you need to know

  • You will need to bring your own skateboard (please use a skateboard for tricks and not a cruiser skateboard. We recommend Seven Skateboards (students get 10% off)
  • Protective gear, helmet, water and sunscreen
  • If the weather is too hot (over 38) or raining we will reschedule the class for an alternate day
  • The lessons are term based and $14 a class
  • You will need to wear pads and a helmet for the class
  • You will need to join as a Skatescool member which covers you for accident insurance
  • Minimum age 5 years and over 


If you skate with Skatescool more than once we ask that you become a Skatescool member. Being a member gives you the following benefits;

- Membership card 
- Invitation to all Skatescool events
- Quarterly newsletter 
- Accident insurance at any Skatescool event 
- Skate Hat
- $10 gift voucher for our shop

Membership is $75 per year valid until 31st December 2016

Click here to download a membership form

Class Time and Location

Wednesday 5pm during school terms.

Opposite the new Bowden development on Park Terrace.  Its called Park 27B.

Bowden development