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Roller Derby - Wanna Be Player or a Ref?

May 28, 2015 1 min read

Are you a wannabe Derby guy or girl who wants to learn how to skate like a boss and nail the required skills before you try out? 

Quality Fresh Meat

Skatescool have teamed up with Murder City Roller Girls (MCRG) to ensure we make you the best skater we   possibly can. We believe you will have a much better chance at being an amazing derby player if you have the basics down before you start your derby training. Derby is a really intensive program with lots of rules and tactics to remember while being challenged physically and mentally. If you already are super confident on your feet you are way ahead of the pack. 


Murder City Roller GirlsWe have adapted our skatercise program and you will cover skating basic to advanced skills plus all derby related skills. At the same time we will be making you 'skate fit', strengthening your core muscles, stamina and skills. The only thing we will not cover in class is blocking, but we will leave that to the derby girls to knock you over, its up to us to make you stable enough to stay on your feet. 

MCRG Fresh Meat is running in October so that means you only have months to get your basics and advanced skating skills. Join a skatercise program today and mention you want to train to be a freshie.  

Any questions please call Kerryn on 0403 223 177.